Sadly those hot and sunny cycling days are over. Time to come in from the rain. BUT.....We are EXCITED to announce that Team Triumph will be adding a Saturday Triumph Program!! 

non members welcome 

Discover what all the excitement is about!!! 

We will be offering our popular Spin/Run/Strength Program on Saturdays at 10:15am! Join coach Julia and her team for a periodized program that develops your endurance, power and speed over the Winter months. Each class builds on the last using your personal training zones. 

You will learn to feel what training zone you are in so you know when to push and when to hold back when you go outdoors. Once the program has commenced, strength training can be done before or after the 10:15am spin. Need to put more time in on the bike? Feel free to stay more than the hour and up your distance. Then jump off the bike and go for a run on one of our many treadmills or on the running track. 

Team Triumph's Spin, Run and Strength program is geared towards triathletes, cyclists or members who just want to train in a fun atmosphere with great music and friends! Each month is carefully planned. Peak in time for the bike touring, time trialing and triathlon season. 

When you are done your workout enjoy a hot shower, sauna, steam, hot tub and relaaaaax!

Tell all your fellow cycling buddies! 

Registration is NOW open here!

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