From what I have heard it was a rough day on the Ironman course yesterday, (I think that might be an understatement!) The rain came down hard throughout the entire bike course but that didn't stop all 8 who I was following from finishing the race. Congratulations to everyone who had the guts to sign up, train hard and start the race and congrats to all who finished!! 

Linda, who sustained a bad injury just before the Boston marathon and was unable to complete the race not only got to the finish line but came 7th in her age category! Several weeks ago we chatted about the possibility of even doing  the race. We carefully adjusted her plan to make sure that she could put her best effort forward and at least finish the swim and bike and potentially 15km of the run.  She proved again that anything is possible!! Way to go Linda!!

Drew, who last year had a brutal rib fracture which took him off to the medical tent instead of the finish line, finished another Ironman!! Congrats also to Debbie Ward, Kevin Mercer, John McGowan, Melanie Gregory (1st Ironman!!) and Kory are all amazing athletes who deserve so much kudos for completing the Ironman!! We are all so, so proud of your accomplishment!!

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