Luc Storms the Paris Marathon!

Luc Storms the Paris Marathon!

"Paris was great, I fell in love with this city, it has changed a lot since my last visit. We had a wonderful time, visited the sites of Paris, walked, ate, climbed stairs, ate 😊


It went almost according to plan, wasn't prepared for 25c at 11AM, not even a cloud in the sky lol! The first 30km was perfect, then it got a little slower because of the narrow roads, creating a funnel effect. We even had to come to almost a complete stop. There was complete chaos in the refreshment zone, slippery with banana and orange peels + water on the ground... but what the hell it makes for great conversation after the race lol! Forgot, one toe was bleeding around km 28, lost a toe nail."

Final time 3h48:26 - Ranking 11024 out of 42469 finishers (officially 56735 participants)

Congratulations Luc!! You trained really hard all Winter for this fantastic result! - Coach Julia

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