Team Triumph Successes At The Early Bird Triathlon!

Team Triumph Successes at the Early Bird Triathlon!!

We had 11 Team Triumphers at the Early Bird Triathlon this year at it was great to see them out doing their best! I had many proud coaching moments on the course! The weather was beautifully sunny but freezing!!! Most of us had to put on jackets, socks and pants!! I decided to make my transition to warm clothes coming right out of the pool so I didn't catch a chill. I even wore my swim cap all the way to the bike to stay warm.

Congrats to all who participated!

Sprint Triathlon

Lucie - 1/20 in age category and 7th overall

Katryna - 6/16 age category (2nd triathlon and gunning for the Syracuse Half Iron!)

Coach :) - 1/17 in age category and super happy to be able to do triathlons again!

Long Course Triathlon

Phil - 3/10 in age category and gunning for Mt Tremblant Half Iron!

Drew - 4/6 in age category and gunning for the Ottawa Marathon and Tremblant Ironman

Christine - 8/8 in age category and gunning for Mt Tremblant Half Ironman!


Nancy - 2/10 in age category and 2nd overall

Sprint Duathlon

Sevak - 4/6 in age category and 9th overall

Martin - 5/6 in age category and happy to eat any and all burgers after the race :)

Super Sprint Triathlon

Debbie - 1/5 in age category

Chantale - 3/8 in age category (1st triathlon after taking just 3 private swimming lessons!)


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