It's All About the Pie... At The Perth Triathlon!

Thanks to Kris Plant and the team of organizers for bringing back the Perth Triathlon! It's the perfect season kick off or newbie event. For Team Triumph it's all about racing for the pie if you win your category. Something about winning a dessert just sweetens the deal :) The potluck at the end of this awesome community event is a pretty sweet feature as well.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! Everyone who started, finished. Tara completed her first triathlon and Team Triumph picked up a few pie and cookie awards! It was great to see Triumphers encouraging each other and we are always so grateful when Heather's pompoms come out at the finish line!




Team Rhinos and Gazelles with Susie Walter - 3rd overall

Double Distance Tri.

Katryna Camacho - 1st Overall

Andrea Levesque - 2nd Overall

Single Distance Tri. Women

Pam - 2nd age cat., 4th overall

Monique - 5th age cat., 8th overall

Pat - 1st in age cat, 10th overall

France - 5th in age cat, 18th overall

Julie J. - 8th in age cat., 19th overall

Heather - 4th in age cat., 25th overall

Tara - 6th in age cat., 27th overall

Single Distance Tri. Men

Adam - 1st in age cat., 2nd overall

John - 2nd in age cat., 7th overall

Laurent - 3rd in age cat., 9th overall


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