Do You Remember This Race?

Do you remember this race?

It was 2001, Simon Whitfield had just won the Olympics in Sydney and Canada was inspired to try a triathlon!! Two Mum's asked me if I could coach them personally while their kids were at school, knowing that I had organized a triathlon club in the 90's while working full time as the Fitness Director at the Ottawa Athletic Club. 

Many people ask me why is it that most of your programs are during the "work day"? 

Team Triumph's foundation was built 16 years ago for parents who wanted a structured, fun, social and science based triathlon program when their kids were at school. Quite frankly, I was in the same boat. After school, I put on my Taxi driver cape and it was into the mini van for hockey, rugby or basketball!

Since I was 9 years old, I always knew that I wanted to inspire people to get fit and stay fit. In University, I realized that I could change people's lives to help them find happiness and health through fitness. I believed that I could have a greater impact than helping just two people, so Team Triumph began!

Doctor's, nurses, small business owners and stay at home Mums and Dads started seeing and feeling the benefits of training for triathlon and our day time program started to grow. Some members started going back to a regular work day and it became apparent that there was a need for early morning and weekend activities, so we added them.

Now 16 years later with over 100 members, some of their kids are grown up and they are starting to retire and others are just starting to discover the joy of training in our club while the kids are at school.

The circle of life.

Programs Start: the week of Sept 25th

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