Where Do You Look When You take Your Breath?


This week in the pool, we worked on whale eye, pirate mouth and laser beam.

Where Do You Look? :

During your next swim, take a couple of laps and start to notice where you look when you take your inhale. If you are looking at the ceiling, you are looking to high! Start playing with looking at the buoy line and looking back slightly over shoulder.

Whale Eye:

Think about rotating hips, shoulders and head so that you can get just one goggle (whale eye) out of the water when you inhale.

Pirate Mouth:

As you take your breath, take your mouth off to the side like a pirate saying "argh", matey do you want to go to sea?

Laser Beam:

Whether you're taking a breath in or if your face is in the water, focus on having a laser beam on the top of your head, pointing toward the end of pool, just under the water. Laser beam decreases the chances of getting water in your mouth when you get your whale eye and pirate mouth out of the water!

Have fun and be playful!


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