We had 9 spectacular warm and sunny days at training camp this year!! There were so many highlights from seeing our newer athletes complete their first triathlon to the veterans looking stronger than ever and exceeding expectations in terms of speed and distance covered.

We had four coaching clinics on Group Cycling Skills - how to ride in a pack, Race Day Skills - transition training and preparing for race day, Cycling Skills - on climbing, descending, gearing and cornering, and Running Skills and Drills - to improve running technique. We did video analysis of the swimmers and then coached in pool stroke correction so the swimmers could feel the changes they needed to make. It was great to be able to then take those clinics out on the roads and in the pool and see the changes happening in front of our eyes!

Camp is a great opportunity to check in on our training to see how we are doing in all three sports and test out our transitions in a race. We come back stronger athletes with a clearer picture on what we need to work on to improve. For those at camp, it's time to reflect on your time in Utah and send me a brief report on your thoughts and goals going forward.

We have already notified the resort that we will be back next year so save the tentative date for April 1st - April 10th, 2019!!

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