Weekend Highlights (Riverkeeper and more)

Team Triumph had another great turnout at the Ottawa River Triathlon on the weekend. The weather was ideal and the water was cool but not freezing. The attraction to this triathlon is that your transitions don't count so it's basically 3 time trials. You can take as long as you like to change, drink, stretch and smell the flowers. It's a great training race to try out clothing and fuel for your A race. Jacques Denault just turned 70 and that didn't stop him from doing his first duathlon. His wife Sue Bennett was there doing the Sprint Triathlon without a wetsuit!  

Congratulations to everyone!!

Sevak Manjikian - 2nd AG
Lucie Tremblay - 4th Overall/1st AG
Sophie Dagenais - 3rd AG
Francis Pomerleau
Aude Pull
Sue Bennett - 1st AG

Carl Vaillancourt
Coach Julia - 1st AG

Gary Maxwell - 1st AG
Jacques Denault - 1st AG


What a perfect weekend for the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour! Sunshine and perfect temperatures for both days must have made the ride absolutely amazing!!! Coach Maggie was out doing the long ride and caught a few smiling Team Triumphers out there. Congrats to everyone who completed the ride from Ottawa or Perth to Kingston and back! If we missed you, we apologize...
Michael Pierce and his 3 kids - Ben, Claire and Emily
Cristina Martinez
Coach Maggie
Stephan Sellier
Susie Walter
Kory Ibarra MacDonald
Linda Lafrance, Julie Lafrance and Alanna Kellock
Dan Begin
Laurent Lenert
Karen St Arnaud
Claire Schofield

She completed the Ironman Eagleman 70.3 today. Way to GO!!!!
Meanwhile in Mt Tremblant...

Team Triumph is all about making new friends to train, play and share our wisdom with. Claude and Debi are getting ready for the Mt Tremblant races and did their long brick together on the weekend. The latest news on Lac Mercier is that it was cold and choppy but bearable! Sounds like a double swim cap kind of race in 2 weeks.

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