At the races and in the standings...Team Triumph Athletes Shine

Mont Tremblant Ironman 2018

What an exciting day of events Sunday in Mont Tremblant! Congratulations to everyone who got to the start line and made it to the finish line. When the going got tough, as it always does, some of you may have considered jumping off the course but you didn't. You stayed out there and made the decision to finish the event no matter what the predicament. How do you spell MENTAL TOUGHNESS?!! Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer and encourage their teammates !

The big news of the day was Linda Lafrance came in 1st in her age group and qualified to go to the World Ironman Championships in Kona, Hawaii!!! This is an incredible feat that so many people dream about but is a HUGE challenge to achieve! Congratulations Linda, we are all so proud of your hard work and dedication to your training to get to Hawaii! 


We had five Team Triumphers out at the Thousand Islands Triathlon all with equal success! Susan Overholt reported taking 6 minutes off her previous time and Glen didn't realize he had won his age category until I told him! He was just so happy to compete as this is his first year in triathlon and he is loving every minute of it!

Suzanne Rivest was the BIG story of the day. She has recovered from her cancer treatments and is back on the triathlon scene!! Congratulations Suzanne on your amazing comeback. When she could have thrown it all in, she kept training and showed us all the true meaning of never giving up! "We shall never surrender!"

Race Results
Linda Lafrance - 1st in Age Cat
Coach Maggie
Tom Nightingale
Steve Swanwick - 1st Ironman!
Karen St Arnaud - 1st Ironman!
John McGowan
Patrick Wong - 1st Ironman!

Susan Overholt Newton - Swim Cycle - 2nd overall 
Suzanne Rivest - Try a Tri - 2nd overall
Patricia Konantz - Sprint Triathlon - 2 overall
Glen Paradis - Sprint Triathlon - 1st in Age Cat
Rick Baird - Sprint Triathlon - 2nd in Age Cat


....Being doused with a little bike bottle "champagne" after a long hot ride! Congrats to Renee, Lyse and Steve!




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