We spend many hours a day running to work, running to the grocery store, running to an appointment…the verb “running” gets a bad reputation this way! One of the best remedies for this is to put aside the watch, the destination, the deadline and just step outside and actually RUN.  Bring back the smile as you run for the pure joy of running.  This may be the most important “running” you do in your week.


Form and fitness along with increasing your speed and endurance start first with your desire to run. Sharing that desire with like-minded souls creates a wonderful environment that revolves around mutual motivation! With the help of a coach and a running group you will start to define yourself as a runner.


The Team Triumph Running Club will support you in your goals be it building a solid comfortable running base to running a PB 10 km or tackling that half-marathon on your bucket list or even taking on the challenging marathon. Every Friday morning (10:15-11:30 am) we meet at one of a variety of locations that has us running flats, hills, trails or track.


Come out and run with us!!



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