Doing the great Wall of China Marathon has been on Wendy Gifford's bucket list for quite some time. Last weekend Wendy dropped another goal into her bucket but it was no easy feat! Look at those hills and those stairs!!!

Here is Wendy's Report:

"Inspired by the challenge, mystery, and a haunting history, the Great Wall of China marathon surpassed my expectations.  With >1,000 meter ascent (clocked on my Garmin – which died at 32 K at 5 hours) – this was no BQ race.  Instead, a group of 34 runners from 6 countries departed from a small village on the outskirts of Beijing - 6 runners to complete the full marathon (1 male / 5 female) – the rest running the ½. 

We started on gravel roads past old Chinese farms to start our ascent up a narrow mountain trail and eventually climbed a rustic ladder to land on the Great Wall. The sheer grandeur and majestic beauty was truly humbling!  

We ventured along long curving paths on this >2 thousand year old fortification, climbing steep ancient stairs made of stone, brick and dirt that at times took all 4’s to climb. The full marathon was 2 loops from base-camp (~1/3 on the Wall).  

Beyond the Wall were hidden treasures of rural life in China - at one point, a small herd of goats crossed my path and I stopped to free one of the little billy’s from a battered bucket that was stuck on his head!  Lots of quirky things can happen on a marathon – but pulling a bucket from a goat’s head was a first! 

This was truly an epic run!"  

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