Meet the Team Triumph Staff

Meet the Team Triumph Staff
We at Team Triumph like to say.....It takes a village to create a swimmer, cyclist, runner or triathlete.  It's time to meet our Village Leaders.

HEAD COACH - Julia Aimers
Julia Aimers in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club
Julia Aimers (BA Rec Admin, Certified Exercise Physiologist) is an NCCP Level 1 Triathlon Coach and Level 2 Technical Road Cycling coach. She has completed her NCCP Swim Coaching course and is an Ottawa, Ontario based coach who uses the Total Immersion ™ approach to swimming.

COACH - Margaret (Maggie) KIng
Margaret King in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club
An avid triathlete, Maggie has been racing since 2006 and has participated in a variety of distance races from homegrown triathlons to Ironman. Leading an active life she aims to show by example that going from non-athlete to athlete is possible.

Maggie coaches group swimming, private lessons, cycling, running, and strength. She looks forward to helping you reach your goals. 

NCCP Triathlon Adult Community Coach 
Swimming Canada - Fundamentals Coach in Training 
C.O.R.E. cycling certification level one candidate

David Dallaire in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club
After studying kinesiology in university and becoming a certified exercise physiologist David has dedicated himself to helping people achieve fitness and health. His extensive experience with fitness testing, high-performance athletics, and general fitness allow him to help those from all walks of life that are looking to bring their training to the next level. David conducts our bike and run fitness testing out the Ottawa Athlete Club. If you have inquiries about the testing you should contact David directly at 

Brenda Ross in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club
Brenda comes to Team Triumph with over 30 years of administrative experience and a background in fitness (Pilates, indoor group cycling instructor, Level 1 Triathlon Coach). She is a triathlete herself which gives her the unique ability to understand the new to triathlon or the triathlete who has been at it for years.  She is our first point of contact when you inquire about the team and should be the person you contact at when you have any questions about registration, memberships, store items, Facebook or scheduling.  

Martin Couët in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club
Martin Couët (BA, CD) is Julia’s life partner extraordinaire and, as such, he has been helping out with Team Triumph for the last few years.  He is usually at his busiest at training camps, where he will be the accountant, van driver, first aider, discipline enforcer (see below), logistics coordinator and overall go-to guy for pretty much everything except for coaching, although he has been known to lead groups of runners and cyclists (without anyone ever getting lost…so far).

Kelly Adams in Ottawa - Team Triumph Triathlon Club
High-Performance Coach Kelly Adams joins Team Triumph with a unique skill set that includes a Bachelors degree in Piano Performance, a Masters in Educational Psychology/Counselling, and an accreditation in Co-Active Coaching. This combination has allowed her to not only teach basic performance psych preparation tools (visualization, positive self-talk, and mindfulness) but also to assist athletes in making powerful connections between personal history and current beliefs about performance capacity. If you are interested in working your mental muscle with Kelly you can contact her here:

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