Celebrating Bliss with this Holiday Season


Creating more blissful moments in your life.


I am known for my crusades. I suddenly become passionate about a topic and have a strong desire to discuss it, share it and explore it with everyone who will listen to me. Let’s blame it on the red hair and freckles.

Lately, I have been wondering about



My latest crusade inspiration came from a quote from Kyle Maynard in the book Tribe of Mentors written by Tim Ferris. Kyle has climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro amongst other fantastic feats and owns a Crossfit gym. He wrote:



“Thinking of what makes me happy doesn’t give me the same clarity as thinking about what gives me bliss”



What initially really struck me about this quote is that Kyle has no legs and no arms and how can someone who is quadriplegic climb a mountain and how in the world can he feel bliss? There are so many of us on this planet who rarely if ever enjoy the feeling of



What resonated from his words is that we can do things that make us happy, but only if we are clear about what we are doing, may we experience



And so the crusade in Search of Bliss began. I mulled around the idea that bliss is more than being happy, joyful or ecstatic.



 is the pinnacle of happiness that completely envelops our being.


Recently I felt blissful on a 16km walk with my partner along the Norfolk Coastal Path in England. We strolled along a cliff top, hopped over puddles along the beach, explored grassy dunes, passed ancient grounds called Seahenge, then through a bird sanctuary, by watery inlets and passed boats perched on the sand at low tide. We stopped for lunch in a cozy local pub and then returned on the same path listening to the sounds of birds, the sea, church bells in the distance and jets in the sky.


What was incredible was that I was experiencing


two days after my Mother’s funeral.


Feeling guilty, I thought how can this blissful moment be possible? On that walk, I was able to let down my guard, be at peace, be present and really enjoy the moment. I was doing what makes me happy but I was also mindful and in reverence of my surroundings.


With no internet connection, I unplugged that day on the coastal path. Inspired by Dr. Greg Wells’ book The Focus Effect, shutting down my phone has been a more common occurrence so I  make space to focus on what’s important.



I started challenging my Yoga for Athletes class participants to discover and create bliss in their lives. They started sharing stories. A 60 plus-year-old woman described her bliss “When I was in the Somersault Triathlon zooming through the tunnel in Brockville on my bike”. A golfer exchanged “when I am in a flow state on the golf course, in the moment, and experiencing my golf game at its finest”. Another member shared that she is now unwrapping her protective layer and giving herself permission to feel



Eoin Finn, a Yoga instructor, and teacher trainer calls his practice Blissology. He describes his philosophy:



“There is a place within (all of us), a source of infinite joy, love, and bliss. When we are in touch with this still place within, life ceases to be merely about us and we feel deeply connected to the well being of our body, mind, our personal relationships, our community, and nature.”




has started just appearing right in front of me in different forms: a heartfelt hour-long phone call with my son who never talks on the phone, peaceful walks in the woods with my partner, music which rocks my soul, the LOVE of being surrounded by family, the JOY in my clients’ eyes when they have accomplished something great, or the curious shapes of the

snowflakes landing on my windshield. 


This Holiday season, open your hearts, be quiet and give yourself permission to feel BLISS! We are all deserving and worthy of being happy. We are only on this planet a short while, we might as well enjoy it. Unplug, put down the phone and take the time to notice, feel and hear in awe,

what is

right in front of you.


Kids are the best mentors in BLISS,

they pause and taste the snowflakes.




Julia Aimers is the Head Coach & Owner Team Triumph Triathlon Club. As a certified exercise physiologist and triathlon, yoga and strength coach she coaches, beginners to elite athletes in swim, bike, run, strength and yoga.

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