Winterlude Triathlon - No Swimming Required



Congratulations to Coach Maggie and to Patricia Konantz for winning their respective age categories at the Winterlude Triathlon on Saturday! Lyse Patenaude organized a team with her son and niece and they placed first in their category as well! A snowy morning but a good time was had by all. Maggie reported that this year's challenge was running with your skate gear.


Here is Pat's report:

This year's race was all about new logistics: Drive to Mooney’s Bay/leave skis and poles in T2/Shuttle bus to Hartwell Locks/leave running shoes and pack at T1/put on skate gear and skate to Bronson warming hut in front of start at Dow’s Lake/leave extra gear at Sweat Check van just before start/skate: Dow’s Lake loop/north to Pretoria B/ south directly back to Hartwell Locks/put on running shoes and put skate gear in a pack *some people just carried their skates/run 5km with skate gear/arrive Mooney’s/retrieve ski boots from pack if you used clip-on blades/ski!! 

So the logistics were somewhat daunting but I liked the new format for a number of reasons: free and easy parking at Mooney’s Bay and a warm building! Warming hut near start of skate, no run on the ice but on the bike path,  clip-on blades no longer an advantage over regular skates, MUCH better ski course at Mooney’s than Arboretum since it is a ski centre - way more space, car nearby so no waiting for 45 mins to get out of the parking lot like at Dow’s Lake......and so it goes. I hope Rick continues this format. A winner I think!  


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