Do I have to be a triathlete to join the programs?
Absolutely not. “You don’t have to be a triathlete to join, but don’t be surprised if you become one”Our spin, run and swim programs, although geared toward Triathlon will still get you fit for your cycling, swimming or running goals.
I am not sure if I need a personal coach or a personal trainer. How do I decide?
Good question. A personal coach is for those looking for coaching for a race, such as a marathon, cycling or triathlon event. We use Training Peaks (a software platform where we load your workouts and keep you accountable) A personal trainer will put a strength training program together for you and meet you to train in the gym.
Do I have to be able to swim to join the group swims?
We usually do ask that you are able to swim at least 50 meters continuous to join the group swims. If you can not do that then we have Private One to One swim coaching available until you are ready to join the group.
If I want to sign up for more than one session can I get a discount?
You bet you can!


Do I have to own a triathlon bike to take part in the outdoor rides?
Not a triathlon bike, but a road bike is necessary.
Do I have to own a wetsuit to take part in the outdoor swims?
No you do not, but we do ask that you have personal floatation device. You can purchase those in our store or at a local sports store.
Do I have to own trail running shoes to take part in the trail running that goes on in the summer program?
No, most of the trails that we run are okay for regular running shoes.
Do I have to have special equipment to take part in the group indoor cycling classes?
No, but wearing cycling shorts does make the seat more comfortable. If you do have cycling shoes our bikes are compatible with SPD clips.


If I want to sign up for more than one session can I get a discount?
Not currently, but we are working on that.
If I sign up with my spouse is there a spousal discount?
Not currently
Do you have a payment plan or installments?
Depending on the course, yes we do.
If I want to have some private swim lessons do I have to buy a package or can I just do one?
You can buy just one at a time, but it is more economical to purchase a package of 5.
Do I have to create an account in Amilia in order to register for programs?

Yes you do.



Do I have to buy an annual Team Triumph Membership to do a drop in class?
Yes you do. It is small fee.
Do I have to buy a Team Triumph Membership everytime I do a drop in class or is it a one time fee?
It is a one-time fee annual fee.
What does the annual Team Triumph Membership fee pay for. What are the perks?
Access to a Private Facebook Group, Ability to sign up for special events before the public, Discounts on OAC membership, and at local stores (Aquasports, Busktukah, FullCycle). Administration of our club socials and member only challenges, races and special events.

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