Early Bird Triathlon Done and Dusted!!!!!


Triathlon season has officially begun! The SUN was shining and it was a cool morning but that didn't stop everyone from getting up early and hopping in the pool at Carleton U. There were lots of nervous smiles before the race and after the smiles were of pride all around especially from Coach Julia. Well done everyone! Next up Perth Triathlon.


Gary Maxwell - 2nd overall - 1st in AG Duathlon
France Girard - sprint tri
Dan Begin - 1st in AG  (long tri)
Cecile Beaurepaire - 3rd overall - 2nd in AG (long tri)
Debi Zaret - 1st in AG (sprint tri)
Pascale Savard - 1st triathlon! (sprint tri)
Carolyn Hann  - 1st triathlon - 2nd in AG (long tri)
Steve Rathwell - long tri
Anna Belanger - 2nd in AG (long tri)
Mark Belanger - long tri
Roylana Larochelle - 3rd in AG (super sprint)
Byron Johnson - 1st in AG (long tri)
Sue Bennett - 1st in AG (long tri)
Julia McCormick - sprint tri
Coach Julia - 2nd in AG (sprint tri)




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