I have 3 children and one granddaughter who is adorable. Our family has always been active in sports, hiking, camping and I have a great husband who is very athletic and keeps me motivated to work out. It is a priority in our house!

I was the Fitness Director at the Ottawa Athletic Club and then after having children, I worked part-time in the Corporate Wellness field with Julia. Now that both my husband and I are retired we have been able to do some traveling together.

When I started training with Team Triumph I was already running, swimming, cycling and spinning, and I had done a couple of triathlons a few years before and I was keen to try another one. I thought training for one with a Triathlon team would keep me focused.

What drew me to the Team was the idea of joining like-minded people training for the same thing and the camaraderie. Working out with friends has always helped me reach my goals in the past. I heard about the Triathlon club in Julia’s spin class. I knew it would be great because Julia is such a great coach. Very professional, very current in her training methods. She is always interested in seeing what new technologies are out there. Her music is amazing and motivating and she is fun and positive. I try never to miss her classes!! I was so excited to get started.

What I like most about the club is that it not only is a fun group of people and that I have met some great friends, but it is still a good fit for me even though my goals have changed. I can’t run anymore so really training for me is the priority, not doing the events. I like to stay in shape and keep up the friendships that I have made, and I can do that with the club even if I am not training for a triathlon.

That’s what I love so much about Team Triumph - I can spin and swim and still get a great workout, still set goals to attend all the workouts, and improve technically.

What I am most proud of is this year is that I attended the Triathlon training camp in Utah. I’m a timid cyclist but I pushed myself to go to Utah. It was a great place to test my boundaries and get outside my comfort zone. It’s such a beautiful place to play in, I just loved it!

I know that I would still be swimming, spinning and outdoor cycling if I had not started training with Team Triumph BUT It’s become a major part of my routine. I really make Team Triumph a priority so if I miss a class, I make sure to make it up!

Running was my favorite activity and I really miss not being able to run but I have pushed myself to do more spinning, swimming, yoga, and weights which Team Triumph offers and which has really been a lot of fun! Never stop moving! There is always something you can do to stay fit.

I feel good about myself and I feel ready for the outdoor season!



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