Would you race for pie? We do. Highlights from the Perth Triathlon

The Perth Triathlon has always been a long time favorite for Team Triumph. In fact, Kris Plant, race director, asked the participants who had done the race more than 15 times to stand up and yes, I was happy to say that I have done this race since my son was born 25 years ago! Kris and her team do a fantastic job at making 1st-time triathletes feel welcome. This race also gives the more seasoned triathletes a little healthy red lining competition! For some of us, it's a check to see that we can still do this race and at a good speed!

It was a very wet morning but you're wet when you come out of the pool anyway so no need to complain. Triathlon is an outdoor sport and sometimes you just have to TTFU, especially this season!

Congrats to everyone who participated this year and brought home the pie, cookies, and fudge!

Single Distance
Glen Paradis - 4th overall - 2nd in AG
Kris Plant - 2nd overall - 1st in AG
Stephane Chapados - 1st in AG (and a good lead on Julia this year! I'll get you next year Steph :)
Coach Julia - 4th overall - 2nd in AG
Darcy Yee - 3rd in AG
Harry Briggs - 3rd in AG
Rick Baird - 3rd in AG
Johanna Oehling - 1st in AG
Wally Archibald - completed his 1st triathlon!!!
Graham Archibald - Wally's son on the Queen's Tri team - 1st in AG

Double Distance
Anna Belanger - 3rd over 40
Dan Begin - 4th over 40
Lucie Villeneuve - 4th over 40



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