It's race day and you don't want to forget a thing! You have invested hours upon hours of training not to mention the investment in your equipment, your race day fees and travel expenses. There are so many items to remember. Our athletes have been known to forget super important items like their bike helmet, running shoes or swim goggles. Print this list and check it twice so you are prepared for everything on race day and if you see something on the list that you do not have check out our team store to see if we have it.

Now that you have the list and are packed and ready to go, let's talk about race day and being prepared for it.


  • Arrive 1.5 hours before race start
  • Pump up tires
  • Rack Your Bike in the t-zone
  • Pick-up race kit
  • Get body marked
  • Collect timing chip
  • Put on tri-suit 
  • Put your race number on your race belt
  • Fill up water/fuel bottles
  • Read race instructions or listen to prerace talk if offered
  • Set-up t-zone
  • Check t-zone entrance, exits and mount/dismount line
  • Warm-up on bike for 5-10 minutes and fix the correct gear
  • Stretch
  • Run for 5-10 minutes (do a few accelerations to get the heart rate up)
  • Stretch
  • Swim warm-up (if possible) 3-5 mins before ready to race….stretch…breathe…stay calm….
  • You’re ready to race!!!

Relax….You have prepared for this day. Have FUN out there….ENJOY!!!!!!!

Last, but not least, let's talk about Race Day Rules



1) No cycling in the transition zone

2) Always wear your helmet and keep it clipped when you have your bike

3) No outside help is permitted

4) No drafting is allowed on the bike but you can on the swim.

5) Always pass on the left

6) Never cross the centerline of the road 

7) In sanctioned races, wet suits are not permitted when the water temp is over 72 degrees

8) Always yell “on your left” as you are passing

9) Be courteous and encouraging to other triathletes

10) Thank your volunteers

If you break rules 1-7 you can be disqualified or you can be given a time penalty. Rules 8-10 are suggestions



Julia Aimers
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist
CSEP High-Performance Specialist

Certified Triathlon, Cycling, Yoga and Swimming Coach
USA Cycling Level 2 Coach
Training Peaks Accredited Coach

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