Record Cold Water Temps Did not Stop Us!


After a really chilly week in open water, we were all skeptical about doing a triathlon in the Ottawa River. But being the crazy triathletes we all are... WE DID IT! The water was colder than I have ever swum in and we all had a bit of trouble breathing due to the cold water but we all managed to get in and get the job done with great success. What a confidence booster knowing that the water is only going to get warmer!

Congratulations to everyone on a successful event!

Louise Lewis-James - 8th overall - 2nd in AG
Anna Belanger - 5th in AG
Lucie Villeneuve - 4th in AG
Coach Julia - 6th overall - 1st in AG

Janet Whitley - 1st overall

Steve Rathwell - 4th in AG

Pam Dilawri - 2nd overall- 1st in AG
Martin Couet - 7th overall - 1st in AG
Gary Maxwell - 10th overall - 1st in AG


Coach Maggie was out on the weekend cycling to Kingston and back for the RLCT and saw all kinds of Team Triumphers out on the route. Congratulations to everyone who participated. We are so happy that not only did you get the perfect weekend but that you were out cycling and able to go the distance. 

Michael Peirce and his 3 kids Ben, Claire and Emily (seen above) did the ride again this year. They are getting faster!! They averaged 30km/hr over the 2, just wow!!! They all swim with us on Friday mornings at 6:30 am at Lowertown.

Sylvie Lemay and her husband Rob Chen did the ride and here is her report:


"Why take winter spin classes with Team Triumph even though you may never do a triathlon? Because it will make you a better cyclist.

Rideau Lakes Tour this weekend.  Both Rob and I found ourselves applying lessons learned in spin class.    Stayed in zone 2 for the majority of the time except for the climbs.  The out of the saddle spins we had done, particularly with Maggie correcting our form, made a huge difference.  We have never been great out of the saddle on the tandem, usually making a decision to take turns because we could not get a great rhythm.   This time we could.  It made a big difference today when we were both tired near the end of the ride and we elected to burn some matches up the last few hills. Thank you!    Sylvie"

Also out on the roads were Stephan Sellier and Elle Wubs, Dave Osmond, Steve Swanwick, Dan Begin, Drew Dobson, Laurent Lenert, Cristina Martinez, Julie Jetly, Kory MacDonald and Emily Graves. 

Congratulations to all!!! 



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