I know that many of you Tremblant triathletes are in freak mode. Please know that this is normal. Triathletes generally are high achievers and you all want the best possible result. Try to stay calm knowing that your training is behind you and now it's time to relax and taper! For those of you on Training Peaks with us, your number one goal is to make sure your TSB (Form) score comes up above zero.

This is the time to treat your body like gold! Feed it the healthiest whole food, hydrate well daily, foam roll, stretch, do yoga. Have a massage no later than Wednesday. Go to bed earlier so you can switch time zones, eat earlier so you are hungrier on race morning and get your morning constitution done with. Rest and recover. At this point that is what will make you stronger.

Check your bike, tune it up and charge your DI2 batteries and Garmin. Take out your Race Day Checklist and be sure that you have everything for wet, cold and hot temperatures. Weather patterns can change overnight.  

Here's the link to the checklist   - https://pbest.ca/blog/99083/YOUR-TRIATHLON-RACE-DAY-EQUIPMENT-CHECK-LIST-Print-this-list-and-check-it-twice-before-you-leave-for-your-race-so-you-don-t-end-up-with-a-DNF-

When you place your bike in the T Zone the night before, take a picture and memorize your spot. On race, morning check your tire pressures. We will have a pump and spare tubes in the Team Triumph tent if needed. Please let your support crew know that the Team Triumph cheering zone tent will be in the tent city located near the chapel. Bring your own lawn chairs, snacks and beer (although I'm not 100% sure if you can drink beer in such open spaces in Quebec...) We will be following you guys on the Ironman tracker app.

Don't be late on race morning! Arrive at the beach 45 minutes before so you are relaxed. Have your snack, get in the water and get used to the temperature. Joke around with your teammates, laugh, smile and remember to be thankful for being able to do this race when so many people in this world cannot. Be nice to your spouse! He/she has supported you thus far and got up at the crack of dawn with you. Thank them for being there. Gratitude goes a long way.

As you enter the water, start slowly and find that awesome Zone 2 form. If you are calm and want to go faster, think about catching stronger, finishing long and keeping your legs together with a gentle kick. If you panic, use the bumblebee breath that we will be practicing this week at the pool. Think about your stroke, do some breaststroke and hold on to a kayaker if needed.

There are wetsuit strippers for the 70.3 that you can use. As you can see in this picture of Lionel Saunders from last year, the pros peel the wetsuit down halfway while they are running toward the transition zone. Be sure to leave your swim cap and goggles on until you get to your bike so your hands are free and you stay warmer.

After that it's smooth sailing through transition then match burning control on the bike so you can have a great run!!

Remember smiling makes you race faster!!

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