Spectacular Performances by Team Triumph Members at Mont Tremblant Triathlon Weekend



What an incredible weekend for our members and families of Team Triumph! We had an amazing turnout of athletes and cheerleaders. It was wonderful to see everyone out on the course doing their best to achieve their goals.

The lake on Saturday was so rough that over 100 people had to be pulled out and they had to shorten the swim course for the 5150. Thankfully the lake was flat on Sunday morning but then in came the wind for the bike course and the HEAT for the run. Nobody is heat adapted which made for a very challenging run for those out there for the long haul.

As I kept saying, triathlon is an outdoor sport! You can choose to only show up on sunny training days but when it's race day come prepared to take on the elements, that's all part of the FUN and CHALLENGE of triathlon. As John McGowan says - "if it was easy, everybody would be doing it."

Sometimes our bodies, our minds, the weather or the lake water have different plans for our goals but with every race, we learn a little more about ourselves, our training and abilities and figure out strategies to improve for the next one. Triathlon really is a lifetime sport so if you look at it as being in it for the long run, then you take the good with the bad races or seasons knowing...there will be more!

I can tell you, I was super proud of each and every one of you on the course and I know that Coach Maggie can say the same. Watching the event unfold on each day was spectacular. I'll be honest there were more than a few emotional moments of joy, worry, empathy, and pride!

Thank you to all of your families for stopping by the tent and coming out and cheering. Please be sure to give them all hugs and take them out for dinner, they are your number 1 fans. It was so great to see everyone cheering on their Triumph teammates. You put the Team into Triumph with every woot, holler and high five!

Thanks a million to Martin, our Director of Humour & Logistics for helping put up the Triumph command centre tent in a swarm of stinging black flies, waking up at 5:30am on the weekend and cheering you guys on with me when I'm sure he would have rather been celebrating St Jean Baptiste with poutine and a beer or two! 

Congratulations to all of our Triumphers who showed up at the start line and brought their game face to Mont Tremblant. You are all rockstars!!

Congratulations to our top 10 age group winners of the weekend - Debi Zaret came in 1st place by 20 minutes, Sophie Dagenais placed 3rd, Linda Lafrance placed 7th and Dan Begin who competed in his 1st 5150 race, came in 10th.

Congratulations Everyone!!

Debi Zaret - 1st in AG

Sophie Dagenais - 3rd in AG
Dan Begin - 10th in AG - 1st 5150 race
Harry Briggs - 1st 5150 race
Chris Baron
Francis Pomerleau
Anita Lacelle Taylor 
Francois Menard - 1st triathlon - new swimmer, hit in the head by a kayaker, and just made the cut-off
Lucie Villeneuve - a new swimmer, conquered that rough swim but just missed the cutoff
France Girard - decided it wasn't going to be her day and made the tough decision to get out of that rough lake!

Here are our top sub 6-hour finishers and the fastest Triumph times in each event! 
Tom Nightingale - 5:33:47 - Fastest Bike Time - 2:45:26
Anna Aylett - 5:40:42 - Fastest Swim Time - 33:36 - Fastest T2 Time 1:48
Linda Lafrance - 5:42:25 - 7th in AG
Glen Paradis - 5:45:43 - 1st Half Iron
Stephanie Obaseki Johnson - 5:48:00 - Fastest T1 Time 4:38
Cecile Beaurepaire - 5:48:39 - 1st Half Iron 
Claude Pilette - 5:56:43 - 1st Half Iron - Fastest Run Time 1:55:17 

6 Hours Plus and Rocking It!
Alla Khatova 
Anna Belanger - 1st Half Iron
Louise Lewis James - 1st Half Iron
Janet Whitley
Michael Scarcella
Steve Rathwell - 1st Half Iron
Lara Camille - 1st Half Iron
Christine Demers

Hats off to the amazing Kory MacDonald Ibarra who guided the swim and bike for Diane Bergeron a blind triathlete!

Thanks to Gary Maxwell for cheering on both days and taking pictures. A fun photo montage is in the works!




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