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  • How to Choose the Right Size Wetsuit

    How to Choose the Right Size Wetsuit

    A really important question when you are looking for a wetsuit is about the best size for you or even more specifically: how it should fit since every brand has its own sizes. In general, they say a wetsuit should fit like a second skin. Not too tight, not too loose. If it's too big, water could get in creating drag and not keeping you warm. If it's too small it could restrict the flow of blood and oxygen to your body causing breathing issues and your arms and wrists will also be uncomfortable. Here are some tips from our HUUB supplier on getting the fit right. GET MEASURED - Please don’t guess your size. Your size and weight may have changed, so grab a tape measure and ....

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  • The Early Bird gets Team Triumph out and racing

    The Early Bird gets Team Triumph out and racing

    The big rainfallheld off enough for everyone to get the race complete, which made for a much more enjoyablefirst experience for the graduates of our Beginner Triathlon Program and our athletes. We couldn't be more excited to see so many smiling faces from Team Triumph cross the finish line. This race was a great opportunity for all those doing the70.3 in Tremblant and Muskoka to practice some race strategies and meet up with new friends. Congratulations to everyone who stepped up to the start line and poured their hearts and smiles into every minute on the course. We had a big crew out there at the race. Here are theirresults! THANKS, A MILLION TO OUR VOLUNTEERS! Brittan Fell Sarah ....

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  • Do's and Don'ts of Wetsuit Care

    Do's and Don'ts of Wetsuit Care

    Triathlon can be expensive, with wetsuits being one of the most expensive items, other than the bike. So, it's imperative that you take care of your neoprene so it lasts a long time. When someone buys a HUUB wetsuit from us, we send them an email highlighting how to put the wetsuit on, what to do before storing the suit, how to store it, and more. Here are our pro tips: Putting on your wetsuit..... Use gloves to put the suit on so you do not nic it with your nails. Pull it up from the inside of the suit as much as possible. Putting a wetsuit on for the first time can be a chore, so we have a video from Head Coach Julia Aimers on your Youtube channel showing how to put the ....

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  • Cold Water Swimming Tips

    Cold Water Swimming Tips

    You have an early-season triathlon and need to put some open water time in. What can you do to get prepared? I’ve been a triathlete for many years and even I dread the early season swims. The cold water temps are never easy to deal with regardless of your experience, but there are things you can do to make your early season swims more enjoyable. Let’s first discuss what is happening in the body when it is immersed in cold water. There are three potentially hazardous physiological responses associated with going into cold water. The first is the cold shock response (CSR), which is uncontrollable gasping, breathing, and an increase in heart rate that occurs ....

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  • Canadian Triathletes Race All Year Long

    Canadian Triathletes Race All Year Long

    TEAM TRIUMPH WINTER RACING! The last couple of weeks has been busy with all kinds of fun winter races to keep our members chasing their goals of being healthy and happy! Congratulations to everyone for stepping up to the start line and challenging yourselves in all kinds of COOL ways! EMBRACE WINTER 10KM Darcy Yee - 2nd in AG! Courtney Douglass Darius Skusevicius Nadine Tischauser Shelley Kirkpatrick EMBRACE WINTER HALF MARATHON Helene Fortier - 1st in AG Byron Johnson - 2nd in AG Joanne Bezzubetz - 2nd in AG EMRACE WINTER 5KM Denise Pittuck - 1st in AG Thanks a million to Annick Desrosiers and Greg Robertson for volunteering at the race! PENTATHLON DES NEIGES, QUEBEC ....

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  • Team Triumphers Take on Mother Nature at the Richmond Road Race

    Team Triumphers Take on Mother Nature at the Richmond Road Race

    If you've ever raced the Richmond Road Race you know it is known for crazy weather and this year was no different.Congrats to all of the Team Triumphers who battled the snow and cold and the famous train blocking the route in Richmond last weekend. Julie, Sarah, and Deborah from the 70.3 Group Training Program met up at the race. Here is Deborah's report: This was the first time I had run the Richmond Road Race. It is a smaller venue, but very well organized. Parking is simple and free right at the school. The open gym made it easy for spectators to stay warm while we were out on the course. Bib pick-up on the morning of the event was very easy and super fast. Mother Nature decided she ....

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  • Racing at Abu Dhabi Worlds

    Racing at Abu Dhabi Worlds

    In 2019 my husband and I qualified to go to the Age group Worlds for the Olympic/standard distance triathlon. The event was to be held in Edmonton in August 2020. I initially thought that going to Edmonton would be a bit boring compared to some of the other locations that World's had been at...well, thanks to Covid, the event got postponed for 2 years and moved to Abu Dhabi in November...kinda the opposite of Edmonton! We went with another couple from our neighborhood and when we got there, found out there were several other competitors from the Ottawa area, although most seemed to be from the UK and USA. We decided to go to the mid-east a bit early and acclimate to the time zone and ....

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  • Stephanie Qualified for Worlds in Spain!!!!

    Stephanie Qualified for Worlds in Spain!!!!

    Stephanie trained hard to come back from managing a busy family while working as a surgeon at the hospital during the pandemic. It hasn't been easy for our athletes who registered and trained for races only to find out that the events were canceled. She was determined to make a comeback and crushed her goals in 2022 with a PB at the Mont Tremblant 70.3 and by qualifying for the World Championships Olympic Distance at the Esprit Triathlon. Many athletes ask me how do you get the training in when you have kids and a job. It's not easy but if you manage your time right and set realistic goals, anything is possible! I look forward to joining Stephanie, Simone Rose-Oliver and Sue Bennett ....

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  • Team Triumph at the Running Races

    Team Triumph at the Running Races

    Triathlon racing might be coming to a close, but the running races are plenty. Congratulations to allwho raced at the Cookie Run 5km! Hope you enjoyed the treats :) New memberDeborah Jackman completedan epic 25km trail run in Milton and we had many members out for the Army Run and New York Marathon. Way to crush it out there everyone!! Check out the awesome results! COOKIE RUN 5km Paula Hickman - 1st in AG Debi Zaret - 2nd in AG Jennifer Rae-Brown - 3rd in AG Anna Belanger - 1st in AG Lara Winnemore - 2nd in AG THE BEAV 25km TRAIL RACE Deborah Jackman - 1st in AG ARMY RUN 10KM Shirley Clements Anna Belanger Marjorie Moffat ARMY RUN 5KM Shelley Kirkpatrick Courtney Douglass ....

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  • Coach Maggie Races Ironman Kona AND Ironman 70.3 World Championships

    Coach Maggie Races Ironman Kona AND Ironman 70.3 World Championships

    Some people think that one full Ironman a year is enough, but not Coach Maggie. She raced at Ironman Mont Tremblant this year where she secured her slot for Ironman Kona and then after she completed that race she went to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. We are all so incredibly proud of Coach Maggie's amazing feat! She not only qualified but completed both the Ironman and 70.3 World Championships while continuing to teach music and coach ourtriathletes this year. AHUGE congratulations Maggie. Time to rest and recover! Here's Maggie 70.3 World Ironman Race Report: On October 28, 2022, for the first time, I was called a“badass”as a compliment from a younger ....

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