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  • Emily Graves Virtually Climbs Mount Everest

    Emily Graves Virtually Climbs Mount Everest

    CONGRATULATIONS EMILY GRAVES!! She did it! Emily made it up Everest on Zwift. When she started her training plan, we figured it would take her 23 hours given her FTP of 113 watts. Aftercompleting a well-executed coached training plan, Emily pulled up her FTP to 152 watts. Sheincreased herendurance in Zone 1 and 2 and finished much quicker thanoriginally expected. Grab and drink, sit back and read herinspiring story of will, persistentplanning,consistent training and true grit! Emily Graves'Story:on virtually climbing Mount Everest on March 26, 2021 Why vEverest? It started with the Zwift concept (“Tron”) bike, those virtual multi/neon coloured bikes that ....

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  • Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

    Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

    Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. How we celebrate this holiday inside of Team Triumph is with a 5/10km run along the canal followed by a brunch, but due to COVID, this year we added in a Virtual Zwift Ride and/or a virtual, do-it-yourself run. This was just one of the challenges we issued to our members for March. Two of our members sent in how their Do-it-yourself St.Patrick's Day runs went. Pretty darn impressive. Dan Begin hasn't run a 10k this fast since he was in his 30's!! Anita ....

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  • Members Matter Inside Team Triumph

    Members Matter Inside Team Triumph

    Member retentionis not a simple equation. It's a personalized approach to building a better relationship with each of yourmembers. It's about providing them with the value they are seeking and solving the problems they thought you could help with. Secondly, improving yourmembership retentionrate can also improve your rate of growth. With a more consistent consumer base, meaningful relationships between these regularmembers(and even between staff andmembers) are more likely to develop. This sense of belonging can drastically improve thememberexperience. Why focus on retention? Because you can’t afford not to. Experts estimate that it can cost as much as five times more to ....

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  • What is an FTP Test and Why is it Important?

    What is an FTP Test and Why is it Important?

    What is an FTP Test and Why is it Important? A Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test is a 20 or 60-minute bike test to see what your anaerobic threshold or Zone 4 is on the bike. You ride at a hard effort throughout the test maintaining a steady cadence of about 80-90 RPMs. Take your average power minus 5% if you do the 20-minute test or take the average power for 60 minutes. We usually suggest doing the 20-minute test since 60 minutes is brutally hard for the average athlete to push and focus their highest power for! Once you have your FTP, you can then determine your other training zones. If you don't have power on your bike did you know that you can do an FTHR test? The Functional ....

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  • Climbing for a Good Cause

    Climbing for a Good Cause

    This past Valentines Day we challenged our members to take part in the SHARE THE LOCAL LOVE Climbing Challenge WHAT A BLAST THAT WAS! We had a crew of about 18 who climbed just over 1,500m to the top of Mt Vent Top and did it in about 2 hours and 15 mins. Of course, once we got to the top everyone wanted to rack up some kilometers for the challenge so we whisked down the hill! Meanwhile in Mt Tremblant...Here's Pauline's report: "Well, some of the Mont-Tremblant contingents of Team Triumph took up your challenge Julia and climbed the mountain. There were seven of us: Debi and Neil, Sophie and Francis, Renée and Andy, and me. Together, we climbed over ....

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  • The Pursuit of Recovery

    The Pursuit of Recovery

    A common topic that comes up with our athletes is the question around overtraining and when to take a recovery day or week. As a triathlon coach, we do all of the strategic planning to put together an appropriately structured training plan but how each athlete reacts to the training stress can be completely different. As the science of exercise progresses, we are learning that metrics are a great tool to use for monitoring training stress. Using the Training Peaks coaching software, your coach can test for your training zones in all of your sports and then monitor how much training stress you accumulate. This Training Stress Balance (TSB) score is usually a pretty good indicator ....

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  • Everest Challenge w/Emily Graves Part 1

    Everest Challenge w/Emily Graves Part 1

    Over the holidays, Emily Graves reached out for some coaching to achieve a goal of climbing the equivalent elevation and distance of Everest on Zwift. After analyzing her current metrics and zones, we put together a structured plan to get her to the finish line. Part 1 was to get her to Base Camp.Now that we know Emily's current abilities, we can build on that to plan Part 2 of her training. Here is her report: A triage between, and a test of #mindbodyspirit ! This rookie 54-year-old cyclist hit basecamp (4500 meters) and will now progress to train for the full Mount Everest (8849 meters) climb on March 26. It was a bit of a rocky start as my wattage was high (I thought there was ....

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  • How Do You Enjoy Your Oatmeal?

    How Do You Enjoy Your Oatmeal?

    It's well known that athletes not only like to eat, but they like to talk about eating. Recently during one of our Virtual Cycling Club rides where we converse on discord, the topic of "How do you like your oats" came up. Not a single one of our members liked their oats the same way. There are even a couple of rebels who will switch their morning oats out for another grain like Quinoa, Buckwheat or Millet. Here we share some of our member's favourite ways to eat their morning cereal. I like to blend in a little chocolate Athlete's Blend protein which contains all of the Essential Amino Acids we need to power up my workouts, combined with some collagen to protect my joints ( ....

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  • Sleep and It's Relationship to an Athletes Performance

    Sleep and It's Relationship to an Athletes Performance

    So many variables affect how we perform as triathletes. The right balance of work/rest, hydration, nutrition, strength training, stretching, and sleep all contribute to our performance. In this blog, we'd like to talk about the importance of sleep as part of recovery in an athlete's training plan . Few people appreciate the physiological benefits that take place during rest, especially sleep . While sleeping , the body releases growth hormones to repair the damage from the day’s training stress and to strengthen our bodies weakened by training. According to a 2013 article in the Strength and Conditioning Journal, sleep “has been ....

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  • Who Needs Races when you have Challenge Events?

    We are athletes and we love a good challenge! A good challenge is why we race and that's also what motivates us to train. With no live races going on, it continues to impress me how so many of you in Team Triumph are being creative in finding your own ways to challenge yourselves and or trying one of our challenges. Read below to discover what challenges are going on! What is going to challenge you in November?? FRED CARLE RUNS HIS FIRST HALF MARATHON....IN THE WOODS!! Running a half marathon for the first time is a challenge in itself but Fred lives inGatineau and loves to escape into the woods for his runs. He decided to train up to the half marathon distance and complete ....

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