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Erika Gray

Erika completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours) with a Minor in Business at Brock University. She then went on to do her Masters in Kinesiology with a concentration in Management and Leadership at Western University and is a PhD Candidate at the University of Ottawa! She is passionate about her research, giving back to the community, and sport in general!

At Brock University, Erika spent two years as a Strength and Conditioning Intern for the Women’s Varsity Rugby team. She gained a lot of experience coaching varsity athletes through their sport specific training plans, warmups, cool downs, and sport specific testing days. Also, during her time at Brock University Erika became a certified spin instructor and worked and coached at local clubs. 

Most recently, Erika was the Co-Coordinator for a Kids Triathlon Club during the Summer and Fall of 2020 with the Triathlon Club of Burlington. Erika has completed the NCCP certification in Olympic Weightlifting and the NCCP Adult Community Triathlon Coach program.

Erika is a triathlete with a love for cycling and anything outdoors! Thus far, she has completed 16 triathlons of all different distances. The longest being the half-iron distance triathlon at Barrelman in Niagara Falls (2018) and the Muskoka Half Ironman (2019). Prior to competing as a triathlete Erika was a figure skater competing competitively at the recreational level for 8 years. She was also a varsity track athlete and raced the 600 m and 1000 m races!

Erika believes that participating in sport should be something that everyone should get to experience. She has had many positive experiences through participating in sport and has had amazing mentors along the way. She hopes to create a safe space in sport for all and be a mentor for others in the sport world!

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