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Kathleen Holt

Movement and training mean freedom to me. It is a passion that grows with each certification, book, and client that I encounter. My love of movement first started at a younger age when my Dad brought me to the gym and encouraged me to lift heavier and push my body beyond what I thought was physically possible. This led me to pursue a degree in Kinesiology and a rowing scholarship with one of the top programs in Canada at Brock University.  During my athletic career, I suffered from debilitating, chronic back pain and I knew that there had to be a better way. This led me to diving deep into my own education where I discovered the importance of functional training. I spent over 4 years at EPIC Fitness + Lifestyle working as the Head Trainer, managing the team and helping my own clients overcome various injuries, improve their functional strength and athletic abilities, and live the life of their dreams. In 2020 I started my own personal training and lifestyle coaching business in order to give my clients even more attention. My clients would describe me as strategic, positive, knowledgeable and fun! Whatever your goal is, I make it my mission to develop a holistic plan that will help you crush your goals and do more of what you love!

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me lifting heavy, exploring nature with my fiance and dog Loki, competing in OCR races, or reading a personal development book with a good cup of coffee. 

Kathleen Holt

BScKin, FRC, ETA Lvl 1&2, NCCPT

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