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  • ARE YOU LOST IN WATOPIA? Why Consider a Virtual Cycling Program

    ARE YOU LOST IN WATOPIA? Why Consider a Virtual Cycling Program

    ARE YOU LOST IN WATOPIA? Why Consider a Virtual Cycling Program I’m not going to lie, riding outside is always more fun and exciting than riding on an indoor trainer, but living in a cold climate, we have two choices when the snow arrives. Don’t cycle all winter and choose to focus on a winter activity, like cross country skiing and show up in the spring fit but not cycling fit ; or Move to the indoor trainer and keep your cycling fitness while enjoying the other winter sports so you show up in spring with your cycling legs and lungs ready to ramp up for the summer season. So you’ve decided on option #2. We fully support you on that ....

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  • Weekend Race Results

    Weekend Race Results

    It sure feels good to see our members racing in triathlons this summer. We are always so proud of their efforts and of course, like proud parents, we just have to share how they did. RACE RESULTS!! Congratulations to all of the Team Triumph Gang at Muskoka 70.3! Fellow Diplomats (Feature Photo): Sebastien Beaulieu (Canadian just returned from Senegal) Darius Skusevicius (Lithuanian) Top Left Photo: Josee Perreault - 1st 70.3 Race! Helene Fortier - 1st in Age Group! Coach Maggie - 1st in Age Group! Carole Brown Elle Wubbs Congratulations to Dan Begin! (Top Right Photo) He finished his first 70.3 Solo due to Barrelman being cancelled!! ....

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  • How Do you Warm-up Before a Triathlon?

    How Do you Warm-up Before a Triathlon?

    HOW DO YOU WARM-UP FOR TRIATHLON? With race season back on in full swing, many triathletes are racing at all distances again. As a coach, I have seen many a triathlete go from standing on the beach at the start line of a race to 110% without a warm up of any kind. This may be ok for Ironman but for a sprint or super sprint, you don't want to spend the whole swim warming up for the bike and run. The shorter the race, the longer and moreintense the warm-up. How exactly do you warm up for a triathlon? If permitted,ride your bike on the course for about 10 mins. The bike warm-up will give you the opportunity to make sure your bike is working ....

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  • Making the Best the Summer of 2021

    Making the Best the Summer of 2021

    "TOES IN THE WATER AT 7AM" ....THE EARLY BIRDS! TEAM TRIUMPH EPIC SWIMS Our Mondays at Meech gang launched for their longest swim of the Summer last week. Julia Vlaming took the prize for the longest swim: just under 7km! Andrea and Maria did about 45 mins, Gabi 5km, Moneca doesn't wear a watch but was spotted past the 1500m buoy before she turned around, Kirsten did over 2km, Christine over 3km, Josee did 4km last week before she started her Muskoka taper. Unfortunately, the Early Birds wanted the photo of the week and Erik hurt his shoulder doing a handstand for it...oops! The Late Owls then joined us and Byron did his longest swim at over 3km, Julie Sauve ....

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  • The Ironman Roller Coaster

    The Ironman Roller Coaster

    The 2020 and now 2021 Ironman race seasons have been filled with anticipation and disappointment for many of our athletes. The training involved consumes so much time and energy. With Tremblant, Penticton and Kona being cancelled and the border into the US remaining closed making access to Maryland IM a challenge, Ironman dreams have been thrown upside down and for many the option of a refund became a better choice both financially and logistically. In the BIG picture, you can be happy for your good health, your ability to do those epic long workouts and the mental health benefits the focussed training likely provided for you especially during lockdowns. Understandably, you may also be ....

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  • We Came....We Concurred....Montreal Triathlon

    We Came....We Concurred....Montreal Triathlon

    What a humongous thrill it was to watch the best in the world compete in Montreal! These triathletes were fresh off the Tokyo Olympics and on a high. Martin and I had a great day with one of our original Team Triumph members and a great friend of mine, Caroline Renaud who lives in Montreal. We ran into Kory and Pedro and Kirsten and Dave who cheered us on! Thankfully the weather cooled a bit for our race on Saturday morning. The race was wetsuit illegal and swimmers went off every 15 seconds. It was refreshing to dive into the water and be able to see perfectly without the crowd of swimmers. The transition involved a steep ramp to exit, followed by 5 flights of stairs and a 400m run in ....

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  • Racing and Training Together is on!!!!!

    Racing and Training Together is on!!!!!

    What a joy it is to report on races again! Now this feels more normal! We had two Team Triumphers compete at the Iron Girl Triathlon on the weekend. A HUGE congrats to Denise and Lara for their races on the weekend. DENISE PITTUCK "All done! Podium finish for my age group with a personal best for my swim. It was awesome. Thanks to Coach Kevin!!! Also top cancer survivor finisher in my group and had my best overall finish. Had no legs on the run, totally spent from the bike. Lots of fun. Already planning for next year. " LARA CAMILLE "Hey everyone - I mentioned I signed up last minute for the Irongirl Canada tri. It was yesterday and I had ....

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  • Racing is Back!!!!!

    Racing is Back!!!!!

    TRIATHLONS ARE BACK & WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!! It's been a long two years without racing but finally, we are back to doing what we love!! As all the gang were saying yesterday, the only thing that was really hurting was our smile muscles because we were just so happy to race again! Oh and maybe our egos were a bit bruised given the out-of-practice slow transition times but we were all a bit rusty...haha!! A huge thank you to the race crew and volunteers for putting on a safe Covid Triathlon. We were in masks at the start and given them at the finish, the T-Zone was well spread apart as were the races. They even ....

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  • Are you swimming with a broken paddle?

    Are you swimming with a broken paddle?

    ARE YOU SWIMMING WITH A BROKEN PADDLE? As Canadians, we know a thing or two about canoeing. Canoe trips are a favourite family Summer pastime here in the great white North. Many of us have plunged a paddle into our sparkly water ways. Ahh... that wonderful feeling of pressing water against a paddle so we can drive ourselves forward, gliding through the waves. But what if your paddle was broken? It may take a little longer to get across the lake, eh? Having been busy doing open water swimming lessons this Summer, I have seen countless swimmers with broken paddles! Imagine your wrist being bent towards your arm as you are catching the water and pressing it back. This action would slow ....

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  • Finding Challenges When You Can't Race

    Finding Challenges When You Can't Race

    SMILES THAT SAY IT ALL!! For many of the athletes that we coach on Training Peaks, so far this has been a triathlon season of many disappointments. With race after race being cancelled, we had promised them that no matter what, we will make the June Tremblant race weekend happen whether it was up North or in Meech Lake. With the borders re-opening in Quebec just in time, and everyone being vaccinated, we were able to quickly come through on our promise and get out to Gatineau Park last Friday for a fun race simulation. Due to Covid number restrictions, we had to keep the numbers to no more than 10 so we could not open it up to the whole club....just yet! You can ....

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