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  • Is a Triathlon Camp Right for You?

    Is a Triathlon Camp Right for You?

    Spring has sprung and triathlon race season is around the corner, which means that you are going to see many triathlon camps popping up on your social media feeds. If you’ve never taken part in a training camp, you might feel intimidated and think that it is not for you, but we beg to differ. There are as many training camps as there are colours of the rainbow. They can be tailored for different abilities, different locations, price ranges and trip durations, but all have these things in common - swimming, cycling and running with coaches to provide guidance and feedback and fellow athletes to provide motivation and training partners. If you want ....

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  • IM Tremblant, Montreal Worlds, Tupper Lake and IM Nice!!

    IM Tremblant, Montreal Worlds, Tupper Lake and IM Nice!!

    What a weekend it was for Team Triumph as our athletes gathered at four different races to put their training to the test! Congratulations to everyone for stepping up to the start line and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable!! For many of our athletes, the swim is by far the most challenging part. We have helped so many of you over the years to learn to overcome fears of the water and anxiety. You can see by the look on some of their faces below, that they were pretty darn happy to get out of that water!! We had a great cheering crew out under the Team Triumph tent as well throughout the weekend. Thanks to those who cheered on their teammates and put smiles on their faces as ....

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  • Brittania Park Triathlon/Perth Triathlon Recap

    Brittania Park Triathlon/Perth Triathlon Recap

    On Saturday we had a bunch of athletes compete in the Brittania Park Triathlon. Unfortunately, at the last second, the wind picked up making the waves really high and the water unsafe. Many of our crew made the right decision to turn back to shore and then help the water safety crew point outswimmers in distress. A great reminder that in races, you are responsible for your own safety and if you feel like you're in an unsafe place listen to that voice in your head! The Olympic Distance swim wascancelled altogether. Congrats to everyone for making the rightdecisions and doing their best outthere! Sprint Tri Anna Belanger Navin Wicks Michelle Lacharity Kirsten Suttill Sue Bennett ....

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  • Ironman 70.3 Race Report- Annick Desrosiers

    Ironman 70.3 Race Report- Annick Desrosiers

    We had a few of our members taking part in the Ironman 70.3 Victoria race a couple of weekends ago and this report is from Annick Desrosier. Early season races, especially when you live in Canada are always tough to prepare for, but Annick did a great job preparing and racing. Here is what she had to say about her race. The Short Report: I had a personal best swim in a 70.3 Ironman. The bike was a lot harder than expected, the run was beautiful but I had a hard time. In the end...I had a blast! Finished in 6 hours 40 min and 28 sec. The Long Report: SUNDAY FUNDAY! Race day was here, and I felt excited. I ate my usual bowl of oats, some toast and a glass of OJ. We leave to go to ....

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  • Ottawa Race Weekend/70.3 Victoria

    Ottawa Race Weekend/70.3 Victoria

    It's been 3 years since we've been able to race at the Ottawa Race Weekend. The weather was beautiful for spectating but perhaps a tad warm for the athletes, but this does not surprise us, as this weekend is notoriously warm. The race was well attended with by our Team Triumph members. Here is how they did. A HUGE congratulations to Darius Skusevičius (Lithuanian Ambassador) seen above running in support of the people of Ukraine. He completed the 2km/5km/10km and the marathon on the weekend! By the time he reached our place at the 33km mark, his spirits were high but he admitted he was feeling a bit sore. Congrats for being a real hero in this world Darius! 5km Shirley Clements 10km ....

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  • Early Bird Triathlon: My First Triathlon

    Early Bird Triathlon: My First Triathlon

    The author of this race report (Jackie DeGouffe) is in the picture to the right. She is 4th from the left. The one with the huge smile and energy flowing out of her. I’m on the pool deck, lined up with many other swimmers. “I’ve done this so many times before” I tell myself. “I am a good fast swimmer. I grew up swimming” I repeat over and over in my mind. I dive in, my heart starts beating fast – I mean really fast. It doesn’t stop. I realize I’m freaking out. I breaststroke the whole way, with many people passing me. 3 minutes slower than my target. I complete the swim and move on. One day later, I keep thinking about ....

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  • Somersault Early Bird Triathlon - Epic first Triathlon!!!!

    Somersault Early Bird Triathlon - Epic first Triathlon!!!!

    (Seen In Picture to the Right) Lucie, France, Veronique, Dipty, Boris, Verity, Annick, Jackie, Denise Ann Marie & Sarah I don't know who was more excited for the first Triathlon of the season? Somersault events or our team. We had a strong teamof twenty-fourTeam Triumphers racingat the Early Bird. A BIG thanks to Somersault Events for providing us with our own transition racks so we could all connect and cheer on our teammates. I had many proud coaching moments throughout the race and definitely very proud of the launch of our fresh grads from the Beginner Triathlon Course that Gabi, Brenda and I have been putting on for the past 16 weeks. As you can see below, there were ....

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  • Ironman St. George - How Hélène Fortier Tackled the Beast

    Ironman St. George - How Hélène Fortier Tackled the Beast

    Ironman World Championships in St-George, Utah May 7, 2022 (to replace Kona, Hawaii, from October 2021) S t George has always held a special place in the hearts of many Team Triumph campers as our favourite place on earth. When Helene asked me if I could coach her for the IM world championships of course the answer was a resounding YES!! With lots of careful planning, heat and altitude adaptation strategies, a cassette change and loads of communication back and forth we were able to get Helene to the finish line of the Boston Marathon and then the IM World Championships 3 weeks later on what was billed to have been one of the toughest IM courses and conditions. Many ....

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  • Boston Marathon Weekend

    Boston Marathon Weekend

    The Boston Marathon is special to many people – runners and non-runners alike. Marathon runners from all over the world aspire to earn their ticket to Boston, andrunning Bostonis often the highlight of their running careers. The Boston marathon has a long and storied history. Boston is a tradition. The success of the first modern-day Olympic marathon in 1896 inspired the first Boston race in 1897. That makes Boston the world's oldest marathon – as well as one of the oldest consecutively held sporting events. If you want to find tradition, you'll definitely find it on the road to Boston each spring. Many historic moments took place on the road to Boston, including the famous ....

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  • Raising funds while having fun at our St. Paddy's day 5/10km walk/run

    We had a great gang of 30 members and coaches out for the annual Team Triumph St Paddy's Day Fun Run/Walk. What a blast to get out and run, walk, smile, eat and socialize together!! For many this was the first time they have met in person after two years of either listening to their voices during the cycling classes or seeing each other on Zoom. Congrats to everyone for completing their planned distances and speeds! It was lovely to have Darius and Dorota's baby Sofia join us and complete her first Team Triumph event! Thank you to Gabi for getting the event organized. We look forward to the next one! Thanks a million to Martin, our Director of Logistics and Humour, for cheering ....

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