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  • How One Team Triumph Member is Managing Her Stress During COVID19

    How One Team Triumph Member is Managing Her Stress During COVID19

    Can you tell us a little bit about your self
    I'm a mother of 4, grandmother of soon to be 3. I started triathlons late in 2017 after joining Team Triumph. I am a runner first at heart! Our family moved here in 2008 and it has been an adventure since! How long have you been a member of Team Triumph Triathlon Club
    I have been a faithful member of Team Triumph for 2 years now. Julia and her expertise is who taught me how to swim! How has COVID19 affected you and your family/business?
    COVID is deeply affecting my family and business. My second daughter's due date for her first baby is May 3rd. The fear of not having her husband and family with her during her ....

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  • Utah "Virtual" Triathlon HUGE HIT

    Utah "Virtual" Triathlon HUGE HIT

    In our last blog, we mentioned that we had to cancel our Utah Camp and that those who would have attended the camp would have had the option to take part in a triathlon. We issued a challenge to our members to do the triathlon virtually. We were super stoked to see that 21 members took us up on our challenge. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR UTAH TRIATHLON CHALLENGE FINISHERS!!
    Anna Belanger - 1/2 Iron (Saturday) plus Sprint (Sunday) Shawn Charland - 1/2 Iron Darius Skusevicius Julie Watkins Dan Begin Debi Zaret Anita Taylor Stephanie Obaseki-Johnson Linda Lafrance Robert Browne Jen Kellar Cecile Beaurepaire Renee Robert Brad Vlaming Glen Paradis Dana Cooper France Girard Francois Menard ....

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  • SHAC Triathlon Virtual Challenge

    SHAC Triathlon Virtual Challenge

    As we come into week 3 of our virtual training program we are setting a challenge to complete the Utah Triathlon! This weekend the participants that were coming to our Utah camp would have been participating in the SHAC Triathlon - a 500m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. We are issuing this challenge to anyone who is able to do the bike and run and do the strength training for swimmer video too! You can find our strength training for swimmers on our website here . Share your triathlon on Strava and your fun photos on Facebook!! Make sure to tag us. ....

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  • Head Coach Surprises Members

    Head Coach Surprises Members

    One of the members of Team Triumph had posted that their trail race had been canceled, but the Race Director was going to send anyone who had signed up and still decided to complete the race distance a pair of socks for doing so. This got me thinking that I would like to do something similar for the 45 members who participated in the Team Triumph Virtual St. Patricks Day run. I decided that a headband would be nice. On Thursday and Friday of last week, me and my Director of Logistics, Martin Couet, set out to hand-deliver the headbands to anyone who lived locally. As we drove, walked or mailed the prizes I kept thinking how incredibly grateful I felt to have these people as part of my ....

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  • Challenging Times call for Virtual Racing

    Challenging Times call for Virtual Racing

    With races being canceled, many of our members have decided that they will continue to train and run the events anyway. This weekend the Oldest Race in North America - Around the Bay 30km Road Race was due to take place. We had 4 Triumphers complete the virtual 30km distance in Ottawa and surrounding areas: Linda, Julie, Ranya and Shelley so far. It was great to see Stephanie and Annemarieke jump onto the course to support them along the way. Linda wrote on her Facebook page..."You can cancel the race, but not the runners". What a great perspective. One to embrace for sure. LINDA & JULIE LAFRANCE COMPLETE THE 30KM AROUND THE BAY CHALLENGE Thanks to Stephanie for escorting ....

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  • St. Patrick's Day Virtual 5/10km Was a Sucess

    St. Patrick's Day Virtual 5/10km Was a Sucess

    TEAM TRIUMPH - ST PADDY'S VIRTUAL CLUB RUN FOR MENTAL HEALTH WOWOWOWOW!! What an amazing turnout we had this weekend for the 5km - 10km virtual walk/run event!! It was such fun looking at all of your accomplishments and pictures. Congrats to all who took part. We actually had a few PB'stoday which is pretty amazing given the stress levels of the past week. A special shout out and thumbs up to ByronJohnson,one of our oldest members (over 70), for staying indoorsand self-isolating after returning home from the states. I know it's not easy and if you know Byron he could kick most of our butts runningandcycling for that matter! Here are the results! Julia Vlaming Jennifer Kellar Julie ....

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    When the official notice stated that Canadians should consider implementing “Social Distancing”, to slow the virus down, we knew that the best decision for the health and safety of our club and its members was to discontinue all programs for at least 3 weeks. Once this decision was made, the coaches and I started discussions on contingency plans for our members to be sure that they can have a reasonably stress-free time while they are self-isolating or social distancing in order to do their part in slowing down the spread of the virus. We felt a good option was virtual training via Facebook Live. We sent out a schedule and launched our first Facebook live strength training ....

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  • Creating a Catchy Swim Catch

    Creating a Catchy Swim Catch

    The catch phase in freestyle is the most powerful part of the swim stroke and yet this is also the part of the stroke so many swimmers have trouble catching on to. A faulty catch is also where rotator cuff injuries can stem from. Let's take a look at some past ideas on the catch, where we are now and what you can do to improve your catch. There are many descriptions of the catch, one of which is the S pull. The story on the S pull as I have heard it isthat the Americans saw an underwater video of the Russian swimmers back in the '70s and the optical illusion of the water and bad quality video cameras made it look like the Russians were creating an S underwater with their arms. Being that ....

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  • Hypothermic Half and First Triathlon of the Year!!!!

    Hypothermic Half and First Triathlon of the Year!!!!

    It was a beautiful day for the Hypothermic Half, and Team Triumphers stepped up to the line in droves! Congratulations to
    Lynn Scott
    John Gomes
    Carl Habel
    Anna Belanger and Mark Belanger seen above. Also out were
    Glen Paradis
    Josee Perreault and
    Ranya El Sadawy. There were some fast finishers in the group with some sweet rankings. Well done everyone! FIRST TRIATHLON OF THE SEASON COMPLETE!!
    Congratulations to Gavin Grusnick and Rayan Mamun for completing their 1st Olympic distance triathlon out in Alberta on Saturday at the UBC Triathlon. Gavin is seen above with his pregnant wife Jaycee and son. Here is Gavin's fun ....

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  • Team Triumph Spotlight - Harry Briggs

    Team Triumph Spotlight - Harry Briggs

    This month Harry Briggs shares his inspirational story of getting started in triathlon. Harry, it is such a pleasure having you on the team. Your lightheartedness and genuine spirit make us all relax reminding usthat at the end of the day, we're all here for health and fun! Thanks for sharing your story.... Before starting with Team Triumph I always enjoyed chasing a goal. In the early days, this was often a mountain, my favourite trip being a ski de Randonnée on the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt. When my daughters arrived my running started, completing a couple of marathons and the 54 mile Caledonian Challenge. However, a knee injury brought this all to a crashing halt. So ....

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