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  • AHAA Moments in the Pool

    AHAA Moments in the Pool

    By Julia Aimers, Head Coach of Team Triumph Triathlon Club I LOVE IT WHEN OUR ATHLETES POP THEIR HEADS UP IN THE POOL
    and you can literally see the lightbulb go off! They follow it with "I get it when you mean...______" The swimmer then goes off down the pool with a whole new stroke and us triathlon coaches are doing the happy dance on deck. We have found the language or drill that has created this ahhaa moment to help the swimmer feel smoother, stronger and faster in the pool. AT LAST: A BREAKTHROUGH!!!!
    I'm sure any swim coach would agree that when you hear an "I get it when you mean" type sentence you throw it right into your coaching bag of ....

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  • Triathlon Season is just around the corner

    Triathlon Season is just around the corner

    Triathlon season is just around the corner which means that it's time to look at the race schedule on Sportstats and decide which races you want to complete. Having races in your calendar gives you a goal to chase. Having a goal keeps your motivation to workout high. When your motivation is high, your training is consistent. Consistent training makes you fitter, healthier and happier. The fitter you are, the more likely you are to not only achieve your goals but maybe even exceed your expectations! How do you decide which races you should choose? First of all, it's best to check the family calendar and see what's scheduled for the Summer so there are no conflicts. When deciding on the ....

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  • Triumpher Spotlight - Meet Jeffrey Yateman

    This week we share an interview with Team Triumpher, Jeff Yateman. Congratulations to Jeff who qualified for the World Championships in Edmonton! We look forward to following his journey as he prepares for August 2020. Here is his story... What is your name and what do you do for a living?
    My name is Jeffrey Yateman, and I am a student, entrepreneur & full-time insights analyst at PepsiCo. I have one year left at McMaster University, and I currently have three Startups that I operate with my business partner Rami Fahel(who is also a Team Triumph athlete) and have a full-time job in Toronto. ....

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  • Do You Have the Power? Triathlon Age Group Power Profile Chart!

    OFF SEASON - WATT POWER PROFILE CHART We are excited to share with you, the first Power Profile Chart for Age Groupers of it's kind! Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey and allowed us to develop a chart so you, our members could aspire to power profile numbers you can actually relate to. There are charts for high-level category ranked cyclists and elite triathletes but nowhere can you find a chart like this! The average score for women in the club is 2.4 and the average score for men in the club is 2.5. You can see on the chart what the athlete type is and whether they have qualified for the world championships. So if you want to qualify in your age group or do a ....

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  • Challenges, Parties and Athlete of the Year

    SIX WEEK STRENGTH CHALLENGE!! 3 x 30 mins a week of strength training CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE #LHS CHALLENGE! LAST NIGHT'S DRAW WINNERS: CÉCILE BEAUREPAIRE FRANCE GIRARD BRENDA ROSS RENEE ROBERT GARY MAXWELL JANET WHITLEY Congrats to Renee, Gary, France, Debiand Brenda whocompleted 30 minutes for 6 weeks and remembered to submit their hours!We hope you enjoyed this 6 week challenge. Keep strength trainingwhen and where you can, your body, your speed and your power will thank you for it! TEAM TRIUMPH HOLIDAY W PARTY! Thanks to everyone for coming out to our annual Holiday Party and playing along ....

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  • Awards, Challenges and Giving Back

    New Team Triumpher France Saint-Denis (far left) and Coach Julia won gold and silver for the most points in their age category for triathlon at the Somersault Champions Challenge Awards on Friday evening. Gary Maxwell also won in the duathlon category. Congratulations everyone!! We had a lovely dinner hosted by Christine McKinty and Ian Fraser of Somersault and it was great to catch-up with friends from the race circuit. We like to keep our members motivated, and one way we do that is host challenges. Our Lift Heavy Stuff challenge is just finishing up, but this past weekend we caught Coach Maggie and Coach Julia doing their strength ....

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  • Do Triathletes Really Need to Swim in the Winter Months?

    Do Triathletes Really Need to Swim in the Winter Months?

    DO TRIATHLETES REALLY NEED TO SWIM DURING THE WINTER? IT'S COLD AND DARK...the alarm rings at 5:30am. You could roll over and get an extra hour sleep or get to the pool. Your sleepy brain says nahhh... I'll stay put, triathletes don't really need to swim in the Winter. Have you had that conversation with yourself before? There has been a long-time rumour in the triathlon community that triathletes who are decent swimmers don't need to swim during the winter months. The idea is that triathletes will get fewer gains from being a couple of minutes faster in the water and they should spend that time swimming or cycling more. Yes, that may be true but... The problem with this theory is that ....

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  • TriRudy Awards 2019

    A HUGE congratulations to Coach Maggie for earning her 4th Tri Rudy Award!!!! If you haven't heard about this prestigious award, it involves completing the Winterlude Triathlon, a marathon, the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour plus an Ironman all in one year! Not an easy feat for one year and this is Maggie's 4th time completing it! Way to go Maggie!! This evening Coach Maggie received her award at the Tri Rudy awards night and party. Team Triumph is a proud sponsor of Tri Rudy, a daily email chat for triathletes which was started in Ottawa. or join their Facebook group AT THE RACES
    Congratulations also go out to Ranya El Sadawy for completing the half ....

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  • Byron Johnson - From Sprint to Half Ironman at 70 years young

    Byron Johnson - From Sprint to Half Ironman at 70 years young

    This past September 7th, I completed my first ½ Ironman equivalent, the Demi-Esprit in Montreal and qualified for the World Championships. This was my seventh triathlon of thesummer but only an intermediate goal toward doing a full Ironman in 2020 which is my final goal of a three-year plan. However, even that three-year plan took a couple of years to develop. I had a strong cycling background and could, even coax my 70-year-old legs to run at a reasonable pace, but swimming was going to the challenge – I didn’t realize how much of a challenge until I tried it. Four years ago, I signed up for a weekend swim clinic with a local sports club. At the end of the first day, ....

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  • Team Triumph Takes to the Road Races

    Debi - Jennifer - Gary - Coach Maggieat the Cookie Run
    It's been a busy road racing season and tough to keep up with all the races our members are participating in! We have a few to catch-up on that were missed. Congratulations to everyone for getting out on the roads and chasing your PB's! 9 - RUN-RUN
    Jennifer Rae-Brown 10km (3rd in AG) LE P'TIT TRAIN DU NORD MARATHON
    Ranya El Sadawy Bob Brown John Gomes TORONTO WATERFRONT HALF MARATHON
    Francois Menard (1st half-marathon!) Ryan Aimers (1st half-marathon...proud mum :) THE HAUNTED HUSTLE (TEMISKAMING)
    Monique Beland 5km PB! (3rd overall - 1st in AG) COOKIE RUN 5km
    Jennifer Rae-Brown - 1st in AG Debi ....

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