Perfect Your Stroke With Swim Coaching At Team Triumph

Swimming can be the most challenging part of a Triathlon for some athletes. And it's certainly one of the best total body workouts you can do. At Team Triumph, we're about combining the two: perfect your strokes for the best triathlon time yet or use it to get your body in shape just for the heck of it. Either way, our Swim Coaching is perfect for you!

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Swim Coaching Offers You Training Like No Other

There really is no match for the workout you can get in the pool. It's low impact and perfect for all ages, but you'll burn hundreds of calories in a hurry by coordinating your body into one fluid motion. 

With our Swim Coaching at Team Triumph, you'll gain:

  • Lean, powerful upper body muscles
  • Healthy, sustainable fat burn
  • Strong, toned legs
  • A stable, ripped core!

Cut Valuable Minutes From Your Time!

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Using Total Immersion swimming and magical skills and drills, Team Triumph has developed a reputation for teaching sinkers and non-swimmers how to swim at any age. Our Swim Coaching allows athletes of all ages and experience levels to thrive by adapting our classes to your goals and priorities. Our classes are much smaller than most triathlon clubs and masters clubs.  This low swimmer-to-coach ratio allows our coaches to observe each swimmer in the pool and provide feedback on a practice-by-practice basis. 

Feed off the energy of your classmates and your instructor to:

  • Push your body to new heights
  • Work through setbacks and plateaus 
  • See real, lasting results! 

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