We Offer Private and Semi-Private Adult Swim Lessons Too!

Learn to swim and learn to get faster by becoming more efficient in the water. Our certified swim coaches use the Total ImmersionTM swimming drills and other skills to help you become more confident in the water. Coach Julia has attended two Total Immersion clinics and has been using this magical way to teach swimming for the past 15 years. She has since shared her knowledge with the other coaches and athletes. Improve your stroke and learn to swim efficiently.

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Adult Open Water Swimming Lessons

Conquer your fears! Work on your open water swimming skills with experienced, professional open water swim coaches. Learn the skills you need to sight in open water and swim straight. Drafting is a great way to be more efficient in an open water swimming event. Learn how to foot draft, hip draft and synch your swimming with the swimmers beside you. Practice your triathlon race entries and exits and get tips for doing a triathlon or group distance swim.

Private Swim Video Analysis

Video analysis in sport is invaluable! Watching a video of what your swim stroke looks like both above the water and below helps swimmers understand the corrections they need to make. Using our underwater tools we will take video, determine what corrections can be made together and start making changes right away. You will receive a link to your videos so you can go back and watch them and continue to make improvements.

Perfect Your Stroke With Group Swim Coaching With Team Triumph

Swimming can be the most challenging part of a Triathlon for some athletes. And it's certainly one of the best total body workouts you can do. At Team Triumph, we're about combining the two: perfect your strokes for the best triathlon time yet or use it to get your body in shape just for the heck of it. Either way, our Swim Coaching is perfect for you!

With the help of our skilled coaches, you'll quickly improve your lap times by becoming more efficient in the pool using Total Immersion swimming drills and skills. Swim training is all about power and efficiency and we can help you master both. Get more from your workouts today! Join Team Triumph in Ottawa for the best Swim Coaching you've ever seen.


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